As an architectural design consultancy, Ramesh and Associate is committed to designing revolutionary structures that are classic, enduring environmentally conscious, and aesthetically significant.

Our areas of expertise include mixed-use, high-rise, educational institutes, residential projects, sacred buildings, and hospitality developments. We also possess a great deal of expertise in master planning, retail, industries and warehouse projects.

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We work to establish long-lasting connections with our clients by going above and beyond the call of duty to assist in converting their project vision into viable and livable spaces.

Our team members are extremely passionate about the concept of ethical design and the impact it has on the individuals with whom we deal on a regular basis.

We as an entity aim to:

  • Design and construct sustainable structures.
  • Challenge the norms.
  • Obtain inspiration and passion within the given context.
  • Create concepts and designs that are both innovative yet classic.
  • Create spaces that enhance the standard of living.

Ramesh and Associate has secured, designed, and built a sizable number of projects that have significantly improved the architectural and construction environment over 50+ years since our establishment.

Rather than being constrained by the way things have been done in the past, our core creative goal is to approach design from the ground up, viewing each project as an unique and distinct set of challenges that calls for creative and innovative design solutions.

We inspire our clients to explore and undertake project designs that redefine design and construction processes; that are challenging yet gratifying for the team executing the work; and that, in the end, provide the best ideal constructed environment for the end user.

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Our team of skilled and knowledgeable architects and engineers has successfully completed a wide range of projects, including villas, mansions, scared buildings, educational institutes, warehouses, industries and high-rise commercial structures. As we prioritize health and safety throughout construction, we work proactively with the client and main contractor to ensure the highest quality standards from start to finish, compliance with all contract requirements, and progress within agreed schedules.